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This page is a site map of the White House Museum, but also a kind of text map of the White House itself. The links are links to pages that document the room or area named. The unlinked text represents rooms or areas that are known and (usually) represented in the site with images but not actually documented with pages of their own. This page does not include some known rooms that are not otherwise documented in the site, such as various senior staff offices.

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Bellangé Chairs and Sofa

China Collection

Lincoln Bed

White House Piano

Resolute Desk

Treaty Table

Research Resources

3-D Models

One Observatory Circle: The Vice-President's Residence

Air Force One


Residence Construction: 1792-1800

Madison Reconstruction: 1814-1817

Architectural Improvements: 1825-1860

Post-War Renovation: 1866-1872

Victorian Ornamentation: 1873-1901

The Expansion that Never Was: 1889-1901

1902 The Outlook article, "The White House - The Plans for Its Reconstruction"

Theodore Roosevelt Renovation: 1902-1904

Truman Reconstruction: 1948-1952

Kennedy Renovation: 1961-1963


Rose Garden

Jacqueline Kennedy Garden

North Lawn and Fountain

South Lawn and Fountain

Oval Office Patio

Tennis Court

Swimming Pool

Horseshoe Pitch

Childrens' Garden

Putting Green

Basketball Court

Vegetable Garden

East Wing

East Wing First Floor

East Colonnade

East Entrance

East Wing Lobby

Family Theater

Garden Room

Staff offices

Visitors Foyer

East Wing Second Floor

Calligraphy Office


First Lady's Office

Staff offices

West Wing

Temporary Executive Office Building

West Wing Ground Floor

Ground Floor Lobby

Situation Room: Watch Center - Video Teleconferencing Rooms - Conference Rooms

Navy Mess Hall (Restaurant) and Ward Room

Mess Kitchen

Photo Office

HSC Office

Secret Service Office

West Wing First Floor

Cabinet Room


Oval Office and Oval Office History

Oval Office Corridor

Staff offices

National Security Adviser's Office

Palm Room

President's Secretary's Office

President's Study

President's Dining Room

Press Briefing Room

Press Offices

Press Secretary's Office

Roosevelt Room

Chief of Staff's Office

Vice-President's Office

West Wing Lobby

West Wing Colonnade

West Wing Second Floor

West Wing second floor offices


Sub-Basement and Basement Mezzanine

Dressing Room

Heating and Air Conditioning Control Room

Laundry Room

Ground Floor


Bowling Alley

Carpenter's Shop

Chocolate Shop

Flower Shop

Center Hall

China Room (& men's lavatory)


Curator's Office

Diplomatic Room

Doctor's Office (& reception office & exam rooms)

Kitchen Pantry


Library (& men's lavatory)

Map Room (& ladies' lavatory)

Vermeil Room (& ladies' lavatory)

Housekeeper's Office (& reception office)

First Floor

Blue Room

Butler's Pantry (& mezzanine Pastry Kitchen)

Cross Hall

East Room

Entrance Hall

Family Dining Room

Green Room

North Portico

Red Room

State Dining Room

Ushers' Office (& mezzanine Clock Room)

Family Elevator Hall (& back staircase)

South Portico

Second Floor

Beauty Salon

Central Hall

Closet Hall

East Bedroom (& bath)

East Sitting Hall

Family Kitchen

Lincoln Bedroom

Lincoln Sitting Room (& bath)

Living Room (& Living Room Bath)

Master Bedroom

Master Dressing Room

Master Bathroom

Private Dining Room

Queens' Bedroom

Queens' Sitting Room (& bath)

Stair Landing

Treaty Room

Truman Balcony

West Bedroom

West Sitting Hall

Yellow Oval Room

Third Floor

Bedroom 302

Bedroom 303

Bathroom 315

Bedroom 324 (Kennedy Chintz/Orange Blossom Bedroom)

Bedroom 326 (Carter barn-paneled bedroom)

Bedroom 327 (Kennedy Pineapple Bedroom) (& bath)

Bedroom 328 (Kennedy Pineapple Sitting Room)

Central Hall

Cedar Room

Linen Room

Storage rooms

Diet Kitchen

Game Room (& bath)

Music Room

Workout Room (Kennedy Blue Toile Bedroom)

Sitting Room 329 (Kennedy Empire Bedroom)

Solarium (Sun Room) (& kitchenette)

Solarium Hall


Penthouse/Miscellaneous offices